Pocket-Sized Item in a Dungeon | Xbox One

Pocket-Sized Item in a Dungeon
Xbox One

!New Update! Faster Loading Time!

A short 3D cartoon style proto-type!
With expressive cartoon-style face emotions!

Get to the treasure room if you can!
Game restarts if you die.

Made for the 3-Day Game Jam: Mini Jam 45

Arrow Keys:         Move.
Enter/Return:     Pick Up/Use Item(s) in Your Hand.
Shift Key:               Hide/Unhide Pocket-Sized Item(s).
    ^Use the right-side shift-key.

R:     Restart Game (it's a short game).
Esc or Alt + F4:   Quit Game.

P.S. If the game acts like it's not responding when starting up, please wait.
Slow computers should take less than 1 minute.
If it takes too long, please let me know.

If picking up items locks the game, Press esc to restart,
And don't press arrow buttons while picking up items.
Sorry! Ran out of time.

This is my first game-jam (and game) ever!

Patch Fixes (no new content):

 - Game starts up much faster!

 - Changed Restart button to R-key.
 - Re-uploaded a fixed .blend file. Mac and Linux users can play now! (See installation instructions)
 - Added in bug-work-around instructions in-game       (in case you missed it in the description below)
 - Ghost's dialogue makes more sense now.
 - Finished character's model (but not for the "ghost").
 - Gave the door and key colours that made more sense, lol.