Pop, Lock & Rob it | Xbox One

Pop, Lock & Rob it
Xbox One

You're a thief and you come across a nice secluded neighbourhood, nobody seems to be home so you decide to try your luck with your trusty lock-pick set. 

This game aims to teach the basics of picking a lock, from keeping pressure on the pins to patience required to carry out the task.

There are some keys hidden throughout the level that will unlock doors and bypass the need for lock-picking, but only the right key will work for a certain door, so be sure to try them all.

When you are happy with your spoils in the van, you can end the game by driving the edge of the neighbourhood and pressing circle. 


  • PS4 Controller is required to play this game
  • Right analog stick to Look around / Apply Pressure to Pin(Rotate between 9 and 12 o'clock positions)
  • Left analog stick for Movement / Move Lock-pick
  • L3 to Sprint
  • Square to Interact
  • Circle to Exit / Throw
  • X to Jump

Made by Matthias, Paul & Darragh.