Power City

Power City is free, simple (yet challenging and addicting) puzzle game.
Your goal is to connect every house on board to power factory. Follow power line with your finger, start from power factory, rotate line and let electricity flow to all houses.
- simple, enjoying and addicting game for many hours
- simple control, play game with one finger - touch the line to connect it with other lines
- 1200 puzzles to solve !
- Cute Graphics and nice look
- sounds fun Game
- casual play - unlimited time, don't have to worry about ticking clock
- various difficulty - small boards can be easy but bigger boards contains more wires and houses to connect
- each board can be solved within several minutes, so you can play game in short sessions
play on tablets or phones
- glowing wires

Power Line, free puzzle game is great game for everyone who likes thinking, logical games and want to train their brain! Download now - for free.