Priests vs Monsters | Xbox One

Priests vs Monsters
Xbox One

Priests vs Monsters

Get ready for another tower defense game: Priest vs Monsters!

Can you survive a 10 wave onslaught? Each rounds last 60 seconds, with increasing difficulty. Spend magic to summon Priests in warp (light brown) tiles. Don't allow the Monsters to destroy your sacred Banner.

Monsters are Bound to their path and can fall to their deaths into the void, but they have limited Leap skills to jump across gaps.


Priest Placement

  • Use the mouse to Left-Click and select a warp (light brown) tile.
  • Game will pause while you choose a Priest for placement.
    • Use mouse to Left-Click a Priest button on the right...
    • ...or 1 (Range), 2 (Trap), or 3 (Heavy) on the keyboard.
  • Furthermore, you can hover over a Priest to view their sight radius.

Additional Controls

  • [Esc] - Pause/unpause game. (from Game Screen)
  • Right-Click on a Priest to delete and get back 1 magic.
Characters: Priests NameCostDescriptionRange1Range Priests shoot quick and rapid, summoning the bolt spell with knock-back power. They are the cheapest of all the Priests.Trap2Devious and cunning, the Trap Priests use the brimstone spell to hurt all monsters that walk through it. They are useful for long corridors.Heavy3Heavy Priests are powerful and all-mighty, summoning the blaze spell that's destructive with a powerful knock-back. Slow to summon, but  Monsters NameDescriptionSkeletonMany and relenting. Skeletons are the most common enemy with medium health and speed.SkullSkulls are quick, but weak. They can spawn in great numbers from random locations on the map so be cautious.VampireThe feared Vampire is not as common. Slow, but strong and harder to kill. Be careful of these ones. They are to be feared! Credits:
  • Bump.lua - Entity manager / collision detection
  • HUMP - Game state manager / timer functions
  • Kenney - Cursors, fonts, SFX, and menu assets
  • Tiled Map Editor - Maps and user interface design
  • Love2D - Game framework for Lua
  • Pixel_Poem - 2D pixel dungeon asset pack
  • vitalzigns - War platformer tileset
  • ansimuz - explosion animations pack

Thank you!!!