Pro Skater but it's actually a bottleflip game | Xbox One

Pro Skater but it's actually a bottleflip game
Xbox One

Hey! This is a small prototype I made for a uni assignment. It's a bottleflipping game with pro skater-like combo mechanics. I tried to upload it via WebGL but the clicking gets wonky.


How to play:

1) Graduate as a aerospace engineer

2) Click on the bottle and drag it around. Release for spectacular physics.


Stuff you can do:

- Flip around

- Grind those low poly rails

- Pretend this is a basketball game

- Be a rascal and break the light post

- Flip streaks! Land succesfully and you'll keep your base score. If you land upside down you also get to keep your modifiers.

Don't overflow my integers please this is just a prototype.


At this stage, the project contains what I consider as the basic backbone needed to expand the current mechanics: more types of tricks and different playable objects.

In fact, if you press "2" on your keyboard (not the numpad 2) you can switch to a fancy skateboard. It's ridiculously imbalanced (you can easily land upright and upside down) and pretty much not tested, but it serves for me to verify that my code works for any type of object.

Should I continue working on this as a standalone project? Let me know your thoughts!