Project: Amadeus | Xbox One

Project: Amadeus
Xbox One

Project: Amadeus

Welcome to my first ever Video Game - Project Amadeus!

I challenged myself to give video game development a try on a part time basis, fitting it in with being a Father, a Husband and having a full time job.
In a short space of time I've made a game, albeit a very basic game. 

This is only a Beta game, as such there are updates to come. I expect to add the following in future updates:

More enemies,
More power ups,
More Levels,

I also want to take on board community feedback to improve aspects. This is a learning process for me and nothing more, I haven't done this because I think this game or idea is particularly unique or earth-shattering. I did it, because I could :)

I will continue to learn and develop my skills in game dev and in the engine that made this, Game Maker Studio. While this is just me proving to myself that I can create a video game, I will continue to update and improve it. 

Thanks for the download and playing. Please leave feedback on my site: