Project RedShift (Alpha1.0.2) | Xbox One

Project RedShift (Alpha1.0.2)
Xbox One

This project is an early prototype for a Space Exploration Game, the full scope of witch is yet to be determined. However, my current plan is to make it a chill, rogue-lite style experience.

In this game you pilot a small space craft on a peaceful mission to explore the remnants of a fallen galactic civilization. Your primary task is to broker diplomatic negotiations with the stratified human settlements you find, on behalf of a revolutionary government.

You'll warp between proceduraly generated star systems and encounter all kinds of strange mysteries and perils on your journey through a practically infinite galaxy!

The project is in active development and will remain free for the time being; but will be given a reasonable price on final release.  I'm also aiming to deliver free content updates over the course of the Alpha!

Donations are accepted and are a great way to let me know you're invested and help me deliver updates more regularly!

Also don't worry; it is not going to be a re-tread of No Man's Sky or Star Citizen. I'm going to keep my scope small and deliver content iteratively; making sure I polish what works, rather than letting myself succumb to feature-creep. I also have no plans for adding crafting systems, survival mechanics or entire other genres as mini games; I aim to keep this project simple and focused!

No bloatware, I promise!


Mouse: Aim/Turn

W: Boost

S: Slow Down

A & D: Roll

Left Click: Fire Weapon

Right Click: Scan Pulse

LShift: Toggle Free-Look

Enter: Bring up Warp Menu

Esc: Pause/Settings