Project ZapCat prototype | Xbox One

Project ZapCat prototype
Xbox One

This is a short prototype for a game that I hope to work more on in the future.  In this game, you play as 'Alicia Trouble Sayyah', a cat with the power to control electricity.  The final game will contain about 6 worlds, ranging from a temple forest area, to an airport controlled by a grim reaper themed bounty hunter.  This demo mainly exists to showcase the controls and general feel for the game.

Arrow Keys: move left and right
Space: jump, hold to increase airtime.
Z: punches
Z (in air): uppercuts, can be used to increase jump height or width.

Known Bugs:

  • Imp enemy currently does not react to walls or pits
  • Getting hurt by an enemy and throwing a punch at the same time will cause a copy of Alicia's fist to float in the air.