(Prototype) Get The Ball | Xbox One

(Prototype) Get The Ball
Xbox One

Hi :D

Warning first: There is not even a menu so...  Very basic prototype made with circle only. Development is on hold and this is not (yet?) a PoireCraft Studio project. There is no score limit and only two maps (D-pad up, D-pad down). Maybe there are some bugs.

Get the ball to your opponent's goal by moving your two players at once

Controls: You need two XBOX gamepad style controller.
Right & left joysticks to move your circles.
Triggers to shoot towards the other's player's goal.
Shoulders to pass to your other social.
The trigger you press must be the one controlling the circle that has the ball.
If the circles are inverted ( right circle is now at the left of your other circle) the right becomes left and vice-versa)