Pure Rock Crawling | Xbox One

Pure Rock Crawling
Xbox One

PURE ROCK CRAWLING - Flexible tires, simulated suspension and more !

Pure Rock Crawling is a game build around the concept of making the best tire and the best suspension simulation. The main goal was to create a slow, immersive ride throughout rocky trails, forest hills and flat deserts. That kind of ride is the best way to admire beauty of rock crawling.THE CHALLANGE - Pure and Simple
The challange is simple: on trail you will find ten gates composed of two cones, none of which should be touched or tripped. For every gate passed you will be awarded with points, for every cone tripped you will loose them. Be precise and concentrated to gather as much points as you can, but be aware of the ticking clock. You have only 5 minutes to complete each stage, so be carefull with the throttle ! Too much or too little can doom you.
Pure Rock Crawling encourages you to take on this challange to unlock new maps and vehicles.