Q-Connect | Xbox One

Xbox One

This game was done in the Global Game Jam 2020 at the school of games cologne !

Best played in 16:9 mode.

2D Arcade game

you can download the source code on the global gamejame website. 

--> https://globalgamejam.org/2020/games/q-connect-0


Programming: Mark Herdt

Programming: Jan Ottenlinger

Art: Natascha Charné(me)

Art & Programming: Jonathan Lang


- UI Confirmation, Synthesized UI Confirmation Alert, B4.wav by user: InspectorJ (freesound.org) Attribution License.

- Game over02.wav by user notchfilter (freesound.org) Attribution License.

- Robotic Vocals » Simulated robot android cyborg or droid saying bing by user Jagadamba (freesound.org) Attribution License.

- Mechanical Sounds » Electric drill 4 by user Jagadamba (freesound.org) Attribution License.

- Mechanical » Conveyor belt by user freemaster2 (freesound.org) Attribution License.

- Machine Madness_Looping by Eric Martyas (soundimage.org)