Xbox One

qb is an open world sandbox adventure game (ALPHA STATE), where you can create and explore nearly infinite worlds. Solve challenging quests together with your friends and earn unique rewards. Collect precious raw goods and craft useful items. Enchant your gear to make it even stronger. Enhance your character and learn specialized abilities. Help the villagers and grow their homeland. Find hidden treasures and reveal their secrets.About us
We are a team of three developers and work on qb in our freetime. It was only a small project at first which was meant for trying out new things. But once more and more features were added we decided to share qb with other players. In the current state of the game not all features are implemented and before we add more features it is better to get feedback from other players first. We would like to point out that current features and functions still contain bugs which can crash the game. With the start of the Early Access phase we might be able to employ more people to help and support us working on the game.Features
★ Quest system (static, dynamic and Coop quests)
★ Skill system for your very own character progression
★ Dynamically generated villages with quests
★ Furnitures
★ Save and load prefabs ingame and share it via Steam Workshop
★ Ghost preview before placing prefabs
★ Over 100 block types with HD quality textures
★ Over 10 different variations of block shapes
★ 20 different enemy types
★ 25 realistic biomes (based on real world climate biomes)
★ Easy switching between block shapes via pie menu
★ Treasure chests
★ Lockpicking
★ Customizable and placeable particle emitters
★ Brew your very own beer and craft other delicious sweets
★ Realistic day and night cycles
★ Flowing water simulation
★ Minimap and large map ingame
★ Depending of skill choices you can become a warrior, mage, archer or all in one
★ Combine cloth, leather and plate armor pieces
★ Easy to use crafting system with 9 different crafting stations
★ Enchanting of weapons and equipment
★ Magical potions
★ Combat with one and two handed swords, bows and staffs
★ Dynamic lights
★ Caves with marvelous ores
★ Old school Ascii-Shader for the nerds
★ Simple farming
★ Additional translations for other languagesFuture plans
★ Better network code
★ More and new types of quests
★ Riding system and fly mounts
★ Virtual Reality support
★ Character shape customization
★ Water pressure simulation
★ Weather system
★ More enemy types
★ Carrying one weapon in each hand
★ Reputation system
★ Other races of humanoids
★ Transport system to transfer goods from one place to another
★ Fast travel system
★ Stationery & automated weapons
★ Larger view distance by using generated terrain
★ placing buildings/prefabs from iso-3D-perspective
★ Enhanced AI with changing routines and schedules based on day/night cycle
★ Different game modes other than survival
★ Mod support
★ Linux support

Credits: Trailer music provided by "alxd" can be found on SoundCloud under the alias "alxdmusic".