Railway Fix | Xbox 360

Railway Fix
Xbox 360

A train has taken a track which is in poor condition. You must fix it quickly before it arrives ! For this you will be equipped with different resources.

A train will send them to you every time it passes near you. Be careful, to install these elements you must first remove the grass. After you will lay the gravel, then the sleepers then rails. You should do this per slice.

Watch out for the coming train, you can slow it down with the lever. You can activate only once. 

The train will slow down while 5 seconds before restart his run. Be careful when crossing the tracks...


  • AZERTY ; 
    • ZQSD: Move, 
    • E: Interact,
    • Start: Esc
  • QWERTY ; 
    • WASD: Move, 
    • E: Interact,
    • Start: Esc
  • GAMEPAD ; 
    • Left Stick: Move, 
    • X / West button: Interact


  • Music by John Leonard French
  • Sound effect by Imphenzia


  • Unity 2019.3 (C#) 
  • Magica Voxel

It's my personal first game made in 4 days.