Raindancer (itch) | Xbox One

Raindancer (itch)
Xbox One

Awoken from death by The Rain itself, Bramble is tasked with bringing an end to the leaders of three rival tribes, and purifying their corruption against nature.

Raindancer is a ONE-HIT-DEATH boss-rush action adventure with local co-op play. Challenge your gaming skills on a journey set in a beautiful hand-painted world. With fast-paced yet simple to learn combat, reaction time is paramount to your success.

Raindancer can be played with Mouse & Keyboard or a Gamepad. Gamepad controls are similar to a twin-stick shooter, using the left stick to move and the right stick to aim.

  • Engage in five unique battles, each with a distinct increased difficulty encounter.
  • Equip Blessings from defeated enemies to change your character's playstyle.
  • Share the challenge in 2 player local co-op.
  • Explore the hand-painted world and its monstrous inhabitants, illustrated by Vincent Van Hoof.
  • Experience the dynamic soundtrack and soundscapes by composer Julian Crowhurst.
Steam key included!