Realm of the Lost Socks [alpha] | Xbox One

Realm of the Lost Socks [alpha]
Xbox One

A maximally adorable, satisfyingly challenging, co-op rhythm game about re-pairing lost socks.

Made for Global Game Jam 2020. We plan on continuing development so stay tuned (-: We appreciate any feedback or features you have in mind!


Lily - A (Left), D (Right), W (Jump), Space (Hit)

Luca - Numpad 4 (Left), Numpad 6 (Right), Numpad 8 (Jump), Numpad 0 (Hit)

Hit the socks that fall to the beat of the music! Winged Socks require you to Jump to the beat before you can Hit it to the beat. Non-winged Socks are hit on the ground. Make sure to hit only the Socks that match the one on your head.

Good luck!

Release Notes

v001: Submission for Global Game Jam 2020 (Repair)!

The Team

Mindy Chi - Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Ian McDonald - Gameplay Programmer

Robert Guan - Gameplay Programmer

Karina Teruya - Artist & Animator

Courtney Huynh - UI Artist & Programmer

Delong "Miki" Lin -  Music