Realm Runners | Nintendo 3DS

Realm Runners
Nintendo 3DS

       A maze runner game where players around the world compete for the highest score and highest level by evading enemies with the help of realm runners' skill and powerups.

       Realm Runners is not your typical maze game. This is a new modern arcade maze game with a classic 8 - bit retro look with skills and powerups.

    Each level provides you with two choices:

  • Collect all points to clear the levels and reach the highest score;
  • Hustle the level to get to the next one through the portal to reach the best level.

     Either of the choices will grant you a possibility to  be in the leaderboard, but you can do both and make yourself the best in both leaderboard.

     Realm Runners features Characters and upgrades, Realm(theme) upgrades and multiple Sound Packs and everyday at exactly 9:00:00 am for 5 seconds, a chance to get a lot of free coins.

      Realm Runners offers different kinds of powerups and grants you the ability to use them for a more competitive advantage and to rank yourself to the leaderboard both global and within your friends.

      Realm Runners implemented Facebook login to connect with your friends and to see your rank globally through leaderboards. Once logged in you can view your own high score and best level, you can also see your ranking within your friends and you can see your global ranking.  

      Realm Runners can be downloaded for free but we also offer a pro version that gives, as a sign of appreciation and gratitude, the following:

  • Ad - Free Experience
  • Zaxaz Realm
  • Fun Sound Pack
  • 500 coins
  • 5 x Boots of Merx
  • 5 x Score Booster
  • 5 x Super Magnet
  • 5 x Zhendyr Shield