RECALLED (SachaY) | Xbox One

Xbox One

My very first game !

Recalled is a stealh/shooter platformer in 2D. The story takes place in a sci-fi universe and the player must free hostages in a police station full of androids.

I'm sorry for the main menu and the intro in french, yet i translated the in game text for our english friends !

This was my first year project as a student. It is coded on Phaser/Javascript and was my first programing experience so please excuse me if it is a bit laggy.

Hope you'll have fun,

Sacha Y.


I was a big fan of Dishonored so i thought my first game should have a similar system mixing stealth and brutal approach. Now i realise that i should have focus my energy on one specific way of playing.

The main problem of the game is the controls, i never found a way of mixing the down input with crouching (because i wanted the player to be able to crouch on ladder... yeah i know its weird). So the boss becomes pretty difficult since the player isn't much challenged on lasers before.

The second problem is the tutorials, very few people were able to pass the stealth tutorial in less than 2 minutes.

Plus some minors issue like :

     - Number of bullet useless

     - Too much text

     - Useless bonus

     - Player doesn't understand that his step make noises

Looking back, I think the project was way too big for me to handle and that can be see by the lack of graphisms in the late zone. But overall i am pretty satisfied with the result since it allowed me to learn a lot by experimenting. I think the graphics are pretty satisfying and that the game could be very cool if i rework it one day in the futur.

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