Relatively Special Deliveries | Xbox 360

Relatively Special Deliveries
Xbox 360

Relatively Special Deliveries - Delivering the packages of today - tomorrow!

Thanks to Einstein’s Special Relativity, time slows down for a traveller moving at near light speed. We make use of this property of space-time, plus our expendable employees, to run your future errands!

That’s right, for only a handful of SpaceBucks, we will plunge into the far-flung future to deliver things on your behalf. Worried about forgetting your anniversary in 10 years? We’re on it! Want to send a birthday present to your great-great-great-grand daughter? Look no further!

With Relatively Special Deliveries, the future is now!


All trips are one-way, travelling back in time is not possible with our current understanding of physics. RSD is not responsible for any loss of goods or personnel due to cataclysmic future events.


This game uses real physics to calculate the difference in time experienced by a stationary person and a person moving at near light speeds. This is called Time Dilation and was predicted by Einstein's Special Relativity.

Time dilation is calculated using the following: 

delta_t = delta_tau/(sqrt(1-(v^2/c^2))) 

where delta_t is the time on Earth, delta_tau is the time on the rocket, v is the speed of the rocket and c is the speed of light in a vaccuum. 

As the speed of the rocket approaches the speed of light, time slows down for them exponentially, allowing them to travel far into the future.