Relic Raiders
Xbox One

Welcome to Relic Raiders; a fast-paced, action-packed entry in the genre of arena brawlers! Take control of your favorite raider and embark on epic team and free-for-all battles where you the player must learn to master the skills to become victorious! Currently there are 6 raiders to choose from, each with their own unique abilities, weapons and play-styles to master. With even more characters and game modes planned for release as development continues there will always be something new in the works.

The Story:
A great cataclysm has taken place, destroying the world's civilization and populations. Out of that new tribes of survivors have emerged, and begun to flourish. The relics of the past, abandoned after the cataclysm have become great items of interest to the surviving tribes, items of power to be used, or sold to the highest bidder. Teams of explorers, mercenaries and raiders seek out these relics, hoping to find an item of great power among the ruins of the past...

The Game Modes:
Rise & Brawl is our version of Battle-Royal. You are thrown into a random generated terrain with several other players, battling for the top spot. The map literally falls and breaks apart as the match progresses. Survive to the end by taking out the competition and becoming the last one standing to win the game. This fast paced speed game mode is meant to get your heart pumping while you use your skills and an array of game altering power-ups to stay on top.

Raider Mode is kind of like a mix between Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. It’s a team game where you and your friends can join squads of 2-vs-2 or 4-vs-4. Your goal is to race to the level’s relic, smash it from its case and hold it in your teams control point zones. When you hold it in your zone your score will go up. The first team to 50 points wins the round. Each game is a best of 3 of 5 rounds, and you can upgrade your character in between each round. This highly competitive mode forces you to work together as a team and figure out offensive and defensive strategies on the fly.

Relic Raiders is currently in ALPHA and will continue to change and improve over time. At its core RR is a platform for unlimited game mode expansion, we want to keep RR fresh and fun to play so we are planning to release new game modes and events as development continues. We have looked towards our friends in the gaming community to help us build Relic raiders, this is something we don't plan on changing, Your thoughts, feedback and ideas are super important to us.