Xbox One

Resurgence is a 3D Action RPG intended to challenge you and up to 3 friends in a Arena. You take control of a combat robot as a part of Earth United. The United Nations of the future. Fighting remotely as a combat robot allows for tactical assertion into a dangerous Arena meant to train the warriors of the future.

  • Arena Mode: Join with up to 3 friends and fight against endless waves of enemies
  • Orion Class: A Ranged Robotic Assault Class (First Class Available in Resurgence)
  • Loot System to gain Item Levels increasing stats of your gear ENDLESSLY!
  • Wave Section Bosses
  • 2 Enemy Types (Rusher and Ranged)
  • Playfab Storage for Player Data
  • Easy to Join Multiplayer games
  • Invite your friends to play with you through Steam]