Retro Miami | Xbox One

Retro Miami
Xbox One

Retro Miami - it's an adrenaline thriller, full of primitive brutality, deadly gunshots and roofing fights. The scene of action is the alternative city of Miami in 1989. In your favorite town came skinheads-Nazis, who if not you and your friends will free this city from violence, from drugs and from cruelty? You can hire volunteers if it becomes too difficult. Be cool and sweep everything in your path.

You play as a former gangster, you don't like that in your town skinheads-Nazis. You gather a gang and come to their club, well, then post everything that is there.
Your goal - to clean all life in its path and dodge bullets.

Key Features:
- Hire people in your gang
- Dizzy skirmishes in the neon and bloody corridors of Miami under a crazy soundtrack
- Crazy Shooter
- Humor is combined with horror
- Various levels
- Various opponents and different weapons