RIP is an all-out war simulation on the ground, in the air or at sea. With over 50 Nations to choose from and hundreds of weapons in many different scenario maps from the middle eastern desert to a well-isolated bunker construction, you can fight as your heart desires and let the enemy bleed out in the dust. Show no mercy after all only the winners write the history books. In the not too far future, politicians run out of lies that would be believable to the masses to go to war so they invented a war game like competition scenario in different locked of regions all over the world, where the best of the best matchup all in which is broadcasted all over the world. With the goal to help reduce climate change by reducing the population. In this game the nations that rank the highest in winning the war match scores are allowed to have the highest populations and use the most resources for their country, others have to reduce all accommodations to their fellow citizen and with that trigger the natural weed out selection process of their nation through starvation and death. No need to mention that this is the most popular show on all broadcasting stations. No bombed cities and no civilian casualties during the wargames and only honorable deaths after that, what a wonderful time to be alive. Now, where's my gun?