Rogue Zillion
Xbox One

The Zillion space mercenary team encounters a gigantic abandoned alien craft, and must destroy the entire threat. This game has Rogue Lite and Permadeath elements and is spiritual successor to great games of the past: Section Z, Final Mission / S.C.A.T. , Chelnov Atomic Runner, Forgotten Worlds, Burai Fighter.
This is an NEStalgica adventure !!!

  • Rogue Lite and Permadeath elements.
  • Pixel Art old school arcades.
  • Epic Sci-Fi 80 's references.
  • A to Z weapons power ups.
  • Bullet time , zoom and slow motions to increase the satisfaction.
  • Unlockable Characters.
  • Giant bosses
  • Addictive.
  • Local coop like the games of the past.
  • Mind-blowing gameplay above all.