Xbox One

ROTii is a puzzle/platformer game with a tiny hero, but huge charm. The first game developed by DarkShot Studios, the game follows the adventures of our protagonist, ROTii; a 4 inch-tall cleaning robot who is programmed to clean germs and eradicate bugs! Its creator, the brilliant, yet lazy Dr. Nida has armed ROTii with the mighty Vac-Pack, a high-powered vacuum backpack that can suck up objects and spit them out at high speeds. ROTii is truly a product essential for any modern household!

In ROTii, each of the levels is something of an obstacle course within one of Nida’s rooms. Objects, enemies, and traps stand between ROTii and the exit, and the player must use their mighty vacuum cleaning to get through them all. By using it, ROTii can push and pull heavy items to create new paths. The vacuum is also capable of sucking in certain enemies and objects, then spitting them out as high speed projectiles.

The puzzles are made up of ordinary objects found in Nida’s ordinary home. The player must think about old concepts in a new light to make it to the end. All the while, Bite Mites are chasing you, shooting at you, or even trying to crush you.

ROTii will have nearly 20 environments to explore, as well as some epic and giant boss battles. There are also secret items and unlockables for the truly skilled gamer.

  • Solve puzzles using your vacuum cleaner to push and pull objects. It’s an obstacle course to reach the end!
  • Mutated insects will attempt to crush, blast, and even slice ROTII to its doom!
  • Animations and colors bring the game to life with a splash of personality. It is a game about a cleaning robot after all!
  • Explore an ordinary house from a pair of eyes only 4 inch off the ground. Everyday objects become your tools and platforms as you attempt to find the exit.
  • Rubber duck rides! Paper Airplane flights! ROTii is full of tiny moments that make the experience huge!
  • In addition to the puzzles, each level has a hard to find secret for only the most hardcore cleaners.
  • Enjoy visuals and music inspired by Dr. Nida’s Pakistani based culture as you solve puzzles!