Run The Clock | Xbox One

Run The Clock
Xbox One

Run The Clock is meant to be a simple game in which you run away from various red figures, using manipulation. Pressing shift will allow you to move faster to escape, but will also make the game move faster. 

My goal was to create a fun game with a risk reward mechanic. I'd tooled around with the idea a bit after a workout with some friends in November, I wrote it down and left it for a while. Over the winter break, I had a few days, so I figured I'd try and bang it out. I'm trying to update it with UI, bug fixes and adding different assets (for materials, mostly). I'm also going to try and compose a small theme and music score.

Over time, I plan to add screenshots and possibly a short game play video. If anyone finds any bugs, or has anything they'd like to see added, feel free to comment.

This is the beta (I think, I'm not really sure about the naming conventions).

Update 1/13/20: Bug Fix (Time not resetting)

Uploaded on 1/12/20