S.A.M. Additional | Xbox One

S.A.M. Additional
Xbox One


Enjoy Obi Tech's first publicly accessible demo of S.A.M. - an AI capable of making video games. Currently, S.A.M. excels at creating puzzles for human enjoyment. S.A.M.  is still learning about other game genres.

Genre: Story driven adventure puzzle
Platform: PC
Developer: Timeshift Studios


https://msub2.itch.io/ - Music + SFX

https://joelquey.itch.io/ - Programmer

https://chip008.itch.io/ - Artist / Designer

https://zahkros.itch.io/ - Artist

https://vinikholas.itch.io/  - Designer

https://onnion.itch.io/ - Programmer

https://andreaslbs.itch.io/ - Artist / Designer

Other collaborations: 

Soliloquy - Writer / Designer

Wuuhie - Programmer

Jowy - Artist 

OrderedPlane - Music

Victor - Music 

Developed in November 2019 for Game Off Jam