Samorost 2
Xbox One

Samorost was a tiny flash game made by a web-design agency Amanita Design, and the sequel was highly requested by the players who were interested in surreal visuals. So Samorost 2 brings back the Gnome, who now has to bring his kidnapped dog back home after completing different environmental puzzles. The game’s story takes the player through the mix of locations that combine futuristic designs and imagery with organic nature settings.

As a point and click adventure, Samorost 2 takes the description literally, and there will be no active inventory, and all of the puzzles will be solved by the items presented on the screen, where players will have to click on the objects in the correct order or with the precise timing to solve a puzzle and move to the next screen. This installment of the series includes an original ambient soundtrack by Tomas Dvorak, who received the Original Sound award at the Flashforward Film Festival 2006.