Santa and the giant cake | Xbox One

Santa and the giant cake
Xbox One

Story: Santa had a hard time flying over the city, because of the wind, all the gifts fell. When trying to find the 6 special gifts, he will fall into a giant cake ...

Gamejam: This game was made for the 10th libgdx discord gamejam, theme was "World is food" and i wanted to match with a Christmas theme as well.

Controls : you can configure a Gamepad (recommended) or keyboard keys. Default keyboard keys are WSAD, ZQSD or Arrows. Custom controls are saved.

In order to use a gamepad in your browser, you need to press any button and then configure controls in game menu.

If you have trouble with web version, you can download desktop version instead.

All graphics made by me, audio is derived work (a little) from CC0 musics and SFX.

Source code and assets available on github.