Santa Rocks | Xbox One

Santa Rocks
Xbox One

It's a Christmassy Dodgy Rocks!

Gronchy Elf is determined to stop Santa getting to his sleigh and delivering the presents to the good boys and girls. Dodge the snowballs and other projectiles he sends your way for as long as possible and help save Christmas!

Santa Rocks. Well, he does, doesn't he?

Merry Christmas!

User Comments on Dodgy Rocks
"A compellingly addictive slice of fun"
"It's got that just-5-minutes-oh-crap-it's-been-half-an-hour thing that Flappy Bird had"
"real 'play again' X-Factor!"
"looks deceptively simple but you will be replaying and replaying"

Difficulty levels to suit all abilities
Secret mechanics to discover and master
Online leaderboards for the best Santas

Please direct all enquiries to [email protected]

Note to existing Dodgy Rocks players
Santa Rocks will create its own separate player profile to any Dodgy Rocks profile you may already have. Both games will record scores in the same high score tables, but as separate players.