Santa's Secret Duck Hunt | Xbox 360

Santa's Secret Duck Hunt
Xbox 360

Here's my entry for Weekly Game Jam 128, themed Camouflage. I've been working on this project for the last three days and I am very happy to announce that this is my very first game ever released. :)


All the mechanics and game features were completely built by me, including sprites, sounds and scripts. Music used in the game is the only exception to the rule, since I have used some projects free for commercial use.


Ducks filled in snow are mad and they want the presents! Luckily, our favorite agents Santa Claus, Santa's Little Helper and Blind Reindeer are going after them. They do need your help though - Shoot the presents at those ducks and help our lovely Santa and his friends survive. The only way to move though is using the recoil forces! Whenever there's need for a different mechanic, switch to the brave Santa's Little Helper or perhaps a blind Reindeer.

Beware Little Helper's gun is a bit too heavy for his arms, which leads to the lack of precision in his shots, Bolt is not his nickname either.

Blind Reindeer does use triple-gun, he is blind though. He can't move or he will die, he knows that - so don't even bother using force. ;)

Never fear the ducks, even when multiple attack. DON'T BE FOOLED THOUGH - THAT SNOWBALL IS NOT YOUR REGULAR ONE!


Game is easy to play too! Grab your mouse and unleash its full potential (or some potential, unless you have a cheap mouse from 2010) by putting all its buttons into the game. Shoot using , switch characters in both directions using or release the power of our TNT when you really need it using

Enjoy & Happy Holidays! :D