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Sclash - Demo
Xbox One

Sclash - Demo

Sclash (Or Sukurashuis a plug’n play super stylized samurai fighting game where one hit means death.

Incarnate an experimented samurai going to punish some important enemy where your destiny brought both of you. Use simple and accessible for everyone actions to beat your opponent in one hit. Breath and take time to anticipate your next move and your enemy’s one in the big space you have.

Key features
  • Breathing battles
    • You have the space and the tools to take your to think of your approach and your opponent’s one
  • Battle to the top & maximum pressure
    • On these very cool looking fighting scenes where one last hit is enough, the taste of the samurais’ last battle and the pressure of the opposition will be felt at each interaction
  • Easy to get a grip on
    • 3 buttons and no combo, anyone can know how to play Sclash in 5 minutes
  • Plug’n play
    • The game opens on a fighting scene, what can be faster ?
Developers notes

This is the demo of the game, which is currently in development and should arise mid 2020 !

Don't forget to fill the feedback form or the problem report one linked in the .zip once you finished playing it, it would greatly help us !

We're a small team of 3 students (And an external compositor) working without budget, if you ever love the game, maybe you can consider making a donation, but that's just in case you reall really want to !


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