SEGA Superstars Tennis | Xbox 360

SEGA Superstars Tennis
Xbox 360

Smash it up with SEGA superstars in wacky tennis fun! Coming to Wii and

the DS, Sonic and other favorite characters take center stage to compete
in one giant, action-packed tennis competition!

Suit up with Sonic, Aiai (Super Monkeyball), NiGHTS, Ulala (Space
Channel 5), Beat (Jet Set Radio) and other characters, all with their
own unique personalities and special moves in an entertaining world
filled with unexpected crazy action. From rock’in DJ’s to hording
zombies, each environment hosts mayhem around every corner – a perfect
fit for unleashing Superstar powers to smash a winning ace.

Featuring a host of unique and crazy SEGA courts, wild party games, and
unpredictable action, SEGA Superstars Tennis is guaranteed to score
out-of-this-world fun.