Shapeshifter (Exkaiser) | Xbox One

Shapeshifter (Exkaiser)
Xbox One

Shapeshifter is a simple puzzle platformer made in ~4 days for Weekly Game Jam 128.
You can solve puzzles by changing the character's appearance through absorbing enemies.

There are 10 short levels in the technical demo, mostly tutorials on controls but the last one is a little bit trickier.  The demo can be finished in ~5-10 minutes.

For this jam I chose to focus on the technical aspect rather than the graphical, that's why there's not much original sprites. Maybe I'll add some along with levels if I work on it again.

Keyboard and controller are both supported.

Keyboard : A-S to move, W to jump, left click to transform and shoot, right click to untransform.

Controller : Left Joystick to move, A to jump, X to transform and shoot, B to untransform