Shonen Idle Z

Do you like Anime and Manga? Would you like to be the main character of your own story? With Shonen Idle Z you can create your own character and be the hero! Train hard, increase your martial skills and advance through the world getting rid of the evil Kurowashi and his army of monsters.Features
  • Character creation: Select your gender, hairstyle, eyes, nose, mouth, hair color and eye color and you are ready to go! (you can select black eyebrows if you are a classic manga lover).
  • Trainings: As you grow stronger you will get more powerful techniques! Master them to improve their performance and get even stronger! over 45 techniques will unlock as you grow stronger.
  • Collectibles: As you advance through the map you'll find new clothing and befriend yokais to help you out!
  • Missions: Achieve milestones to earn rewards and bonuses!
  • Monsters: 400 different monsters to combat as you advance through the map!
  • Bosses: Beat a boss in every zone to set it free!
  • Party: Companions to hire and ease your journey to free the world from evildoers.
  • Offline mode
  • And more to come!...
We are still working actively on the game and there are a lot of things to come.
More companions to come! With new ways of getting help!
New systems to improve your character.
A new kind of collectible.
new zones.
and more!