Simple Boxing | Xbox 360

Simple Boxing
Xbox 360

Knockout the competition and see exactly how well you match up against your opponents, and other players!

In Simple Boxing, you take control of an average joe boxer and try to make it up the boxing ranks. However, things are a bit different in this boxing federation. Matches are never ending, and each round lasts as long as both boxers are standing.

The rules are simple, the game is boxing. Welcome to Simple Boxing.


  • Move left - A
  • Move right - D
  • Hit - S
  • Pause - use the onscreen pause button (for now)

Touchscreen controls enabled!

  • Move - swipe (currently need to swipe in the opposite direction, will get to this soon)
  • Hit - Tap
  • Pause - On-screen Button

(This is a game in progress, but the current prototype is playable and gives a good idea on what's to come.)