SimPoly Business | Xbox One

SimPoly Business
Xbox One

You arrived to  a new island with nothing but the clothes on your back. Survive in the wilderness collect and craft resources to build  with or sell to start making some cash. Start up a new business and go industrial and  mass sell your products. 

Current features:

  1. Delivery Jobs - Deliver parcels to make some cash.
  2. Changing dynamic weather.
  3. Added  New Van
  4. Reworked Job System

Future features:

  1. More jobs to do.
  2. More vehicles. (Boats, Helicopters, Planes, Cars)
  3. More things to spend your hard earned cash on.
  4. Buy and sell Properties.
  5. Item Crafting.
  6. Building System - buy plots of land to build your own shops, warehouses, homes etc.
  7. Hire employees.
  8. Package your items to improve sales.
  9. Fuel system
  10. Hunting - Hunt Bears, Wolves and deer plus more.
  11. Electrical systems - hookup your machines and provide  power  to them.
  12. Traffic AI - bring life to the game world.
  13. More interactions throughout the world.