• Establish a successful transport company
  • Transport passengers, mail and goods by land, air and water
  • Interconnect cities, districts, public buildings, industries and tourist attractions
  • Control and watch your finances and the traffic of your vehicles and goods
  • Lots of graphics packages to choose from
  • Play with people from anywhere in the world in online games
Multiple Choices
  • Graphics Packages (Paksets)
    In Simutrans you have multiple choices from the beginning to the end. Even before starting the game you have lots of graphics packages to choose from, every pakset giving you a different experience and play style.
  • Vehicles and Cargo
    The success of your company will depend on good planning, and we give you the tools for it. Simutrans can have buses, trucks, trains, trams, ships, airplanes, monorails, maglevs and any other vehicle that goes through air, land or water. Choose them wisely and transport the immense variety of cargo each pakset has to offer, from passengers and mail to raw materials and consumer products.
Dynamic and Intelligent
  • Cargo has Destinations
    Simutrans citizens and products don't simply jump in your vehicles and go to wherever you send them. They actually have individual destinations: people want to check out attractions, go shopping, or visit friends. Products also have their destinations - factories have contracts with each other and they won't sell or buy from anyone else. If you don't give them the possibility to go where they want, they simply won't use your transport company.
  • Complete the Chain
    Transporting products not only gives you money, but makes the economy roll. As you transport products between factories, they start producing and selling. Every factory receiving the materials it needs starts producing new goods letting you connect more and more factories across the region.
  • Influencing Cities
    Your transportation affects city growth. Every unit of anything you transport will affect the nearby cities making them grow and prosper. Sometimes cities will create new attractions and places of interest, which attract a lot more passengers. Or maybe your service may attract new industries, that give you even more opportunities. But not everything you do leads to good things - as cities grow more cars are on the roads, and you will end up trying to deal with the traffic. What you do shapes the future.
Control and Customize
  • Configure All or Nothing
    Simutrans has a lot of configurations that you can customize. If you're not a customization freak, don't worry, generally with a few options Simutrans will fit your play style. But if you are, you'll enjoy all the options and ways to change the game.
  • Build Your World
    When you create a new game, don't expect it to be a fixed world. You can shape the world to suit your needs, build roads, factories, houses, and buildings, raise and lower the terrain, create rivers, lakes, and seas, or beautify the world by planting trees.
How You Play
  • Multiplayer
    Tired of playing alone? Simutrans lets you play multiplayer. You can join a public server and compete and collaborate with people all around the world. You can also play with your friends creating a private online or LAN server.
  • Hardcore or Casual?
    You can challenge yourself in a normal game, trying to make your company successful and rich. Or you can just relax and have some fun playing with no hurry or money, just for your enjoyment and the satisfaction of transporting everything.
CostThis game will be Free on Steam.LanguagesSimutrans offers a range of languages, translated on a volunteer basis. Languages will be listed on the steam page when they reach at least 80% translation of Base Texts, and 65% translation of pak128.History of SimutransSimutrans is an Open Source game developed under the Artistic License.
This game was originally developed by Hansjörg Malthaner from 1997 till 2004, before being handed over the 'The Simutrans Team' in 2005. Since the beginning it has been upgraded and updated.