Skelets | Xbox One

Xbox One

Blast your way through evil skeletons and necromancers in an arcade style top-down shooter with lots of explosions!


  • WASD keys for movement
  • Left click (or hold) to shoot and aim with mouse
  • Right click on blue guys to use your tractor beam!
  • R key to restart.   Q key to go to character selection screen. Enter key to start playing

How to play:

  • Shoot at skeletons to turn them into Blue Allies
  • Blue Allies explode when touching skeletons
  • Watch out for Purple Necromancers who turn your allies to Skeletons!
  • Try using your tractor beam to pull your Blue Allies into other enemies
  • Always grab power ups - they're very important to stay alive!

Any feedback is very welcome and appreciated!

Most of the assets used in this game are from!

   Sound effects