Sky Climbers
Xbox One

ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK - You will hear an entirely original soundtrack featuring dramatic sound sequences ranging from post tonal classical music to hard hitting electronic drops. The majority of the sound design was also done in house featuring unique sound effects catered to the aesthetic.

CLIMBING - As a core mechanic, we made it easy to climb most objects with a vertical element, you can also fling yourself from any climbable object providing a more in depth platforming experience.

DEVELOPING NARRATIVE - You will be lead through the early stages of your adventure by Blashm, a Shoi elder that acts as your first trainer and caretaker. As development continues we plan on adding dozens of new NPCs focusing on main/side quests

PULLBEAM -the pull beam functions similar to a hookshot by pulling the player towards specific targets.

ARCHERY - Use your bow and arrow to activate targets, or go hunting in the chapter 1 forest!

HUNTING - Peaceful and wild animals roam around the chapter 1 map. Use your bow and arrow to hunt them "still under development currently only available in chapter1"

PARAGLIDING - Leap off from any high place and glide around the world

ANIMAL RIDING - Mount your companion guardian to travel quickly. Archery can be used while riding "still under development currently only available in chapter1"


You begin your adventure on Lithan, a desolate land with sparse inhabitants. Noticing a great Ark activate in the distance you go to investigate and find Blashm, your new mentor who will introduce you to the history and lore of the game world. This is also the time to learn basic locomotion mechanics. After meeting Blashm he takes you to the great reactor which powers the Ark transporter sending you through space and time to Tarouke where the main game takes place.


A corespondent reactor/ark brings you to Blashm's homestead inside of a giant tree within the garden. After meeting with Blashm in his house, he informs you that you must begin your training by seeking judgement at the dojos where Aldor, a sky guardian will watch over your performance. Set on top of the highest mountain, you can see all of Tarouke from his treehouse.


Each dojo challenge requires the player to maneuver through obstacles and solve puzzles. Each dojo gets progressively harder and builds upon the previous skills. Inside the dojo, the guardian eagle Aldor will oversee your challenge and reward you with a new ability if you can complete the challenge.


Upon completing the dojo challenges within the Garden of Time, the player will hop onto the guardian eagle Aldor’s back and fly to the southern forest. Blashm informs you that another shoi elder named Kniche lives in the south and he has something of great importance for you. This scene is still heavy in development and we will update this page as more content is available. As of now the player can explore the large environment and ride on Aoni while using the bow and arrow.