Slippery Sausage
Xbox One

In Slippery Sausage, you play as a sentient sausage out to stop inanimate objects inhabited by mischievous alien spirits!

In this frantic arcade game, you dodge enemies and their attacks, as you slip and slide around levels, taking out foes with bursts of mustard! Master handling your sausage, to pull off sweet manoeuvres! Defeat a wide variety of enemies across 50 levels, and save the family household from angry ancient aliens!

  • Perfect for a short session, or a longer one if you want a big score!
  • Plenty of replayability, as it's all about getting more points than the last time!
  • Can resume from every tenth level, making it ideal for pick up and play!
  • 50 levels!
  • A funky soundtrack!
  • Want easy achievements? We got 'em!
  • Want hard to earn achievements? We got 'em too!
  • Steam Leaderboards! Try to beat your friends or the entire world!
  • Keyboard and controllers supported!