SNAKETML | Xbox 360

Xbox 360

I attempted to make a clone of Snake along side a friend doing a 100 days of code challenge so I could provide better advice but had too much fun with the increasing difficulty so I never implemented the traditional game over.

Game just controls with the arrow keys, the game is not playable without a keyboard.

Instead the player will continue to get faster and faster and need faster reactions (or luck) to reach the fruit. The player gets an additional 5 time when they reach the fruit and time will count down normally regardless of speed at slightly slower than real time. If time runs out your score and total time spent playing will be displayed.

Game may have a bug where it skips the title screen when it loads depending on lag.

The game was made in GameMaker Studio 2 with a single object and no moving parts. This was done as a challenge to myself. The game is actually an array that updates itself every loop, each segment of the snake is actually a positive integer in the array and every non-zero value in the array is decremented by 1 each "turn". Where the head currently is is set to the current length of the snake,  and each segment has it's color value adjusted to it's value as a percentage of the length to make keeping track of the head easier.

If you have any questions, message me on twitter @overworlddev