Snapped | Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

This game can only be played from portable devices

What is Snapped?

Snapped is a multiplayer location-based battle royale game for portable devices. In it, a player, who we will call from now on Game Master (GM), will set up and control a game where the other players will have to move around a real-world area specified by the Game Master hiding and trying to eliminate all other players.

How do I play?

In order to eliminate other players, you have to take a "snap" with them in it. This means to take a photo of them and send it to the GM, who will decide whether it is valid or not.

To take more snaps, you'll have to look for drops, which are sent by the GM, while remaining inside the zone, or you will be eliminated.

Can I be a GM?

You can play as a regular player from this player, but int order to be a Game Master you'll need the full version, which is avaible in the apk you can download from this same page.You can play as a regular player too in the apk.