Sneak or Dash? | Xbox One

Sneak or Dash?
Xbox One

In my first game jam,'s Weekly Game Jam #128 'Camouflage', I started very late only having 2 days left. I did not get to finish on the last day because of personal events thus I was not able to submit my game. I still completed and uploaded my game, naming it 'Sneak or Dash?'.

To try and fit in with the theme, you had the ability to turn invisible but only when still.

During the jam, I spent most of my time crawling the internet for answers to my continuous supply of code problems. It was nice though to spend some time making the tiles used in this project. If you can see, all the tiles were either one of two 8x8 basic tile types coloured into nine separate tiles and the characters were the default icon for Godot modulated to represent what they were.

To make this game I used Godot (C#) and Piskel.