Soko Loco Deluxe
Xbox One

Soko Loco is a transport strategy game.

Collect wood, stone and steel to expand your empire, feed towns to grow population and streamline your production process to build a giant monument! The more efficient your systems, the faster your world can grow.

In the game, you'll build tracks, drag trains, build lumber camps, assign workers and make train schedules. Building infrastructure costs resources and cities need bread to produce workers - a careful allocation of income and strategic thinking will be needed to complete your goals!

  • Campaign of 4 levels
  • 4 additional challenge levels
  • Randomly generated terrain
  • Custom map/scenario editor
  • Cities and population growth
  • Tunnels, bridges, gates and signals
  • 8 types of cargo
  • Record timers and high-scores

After the campaign, you'll unlock challenge mode, which provides 4 real tests of trackbuilding to the more seasoned players. However, because the maps are randomly generated, there's a lot of replay value in trying to best your score on the final level, or trying different playstyles to complete all the achievements. For more laid-back people, there's the level editor, which lets you make your own maps and scenarios - create some real challenge for yourself or your friends, and build anything you like!

Soko Loco is for veteran train sim fans and newcomers alike, putting the best of train simulators in a relatively easy-to-understand game, while managing 4 types of resources means more challenge than most traditional simulators have to offer. Happy building!