Solar Collector
Xbox One

Some Facts
  • The sun releases Energy
  • The sun's' energy can be harvested
  • Space Ships require energy to work
  • If we have something other people need we can sell it to them at stupid prices
  • To sell things we need a business
  • To start a business we need money
  • Loan sharks aren't that bad
  • Oh no loan sharks are bad, this business better work
  • Loan shark payments increase unreasonably
What is this game?In this game the main objective is to run an energy business, you have to set up the solar panels, charging stations and the portal for the customers to come through. The challenge comes from having to keep up with ever increasing payments. How quickly do you invest, build up the solar panels, focus on gaining portals, but what if you spend too much too soon..

The main mode involves building the business to keep up with the payments, however time trial gives you 5 minutes to make as much money as you possibly can.

The game is aimed to be a small and fill little time gaps, an average session can last 15 minutes depending on ability, but naturally the 5 minute time challenge mode lasts 5 minutes.