Soukoban | Xbox One

Xbox One

Soukoban is a classic logical puzzle game invented in the early 1980s by Hiroyuki Imabayashi, president of Thinking Rabbit Incorporated Japan. Soukoban is  Japanese for warehouse keeper, and the objective is to move all the boxes to their correct destination in a crowded warehouse. What's the catch? You can only push the boxes, hence it's easier than you think to get them stuck in a dead end! Because of the ingenious simplicity and elegance of the rules, and the intellectual challenging complexity of the puzzles, Soukoban quickly became popular and has bedeviled computers and players ever since.

You move using either the arrow keys or the numeric keypad. Whenever necessary you can restore the puzzle to its original condition, and start all over from scratch by selecting Reset Puzzle from the Game Menu. Unlike in real life, it's never too late to regret your actions in Soukoban. Selecting Reverse Your Action, also from the Game Menu, will undo your latest move. Soukoban automatically keep track of which level you are working on, thus you can exit the game at any time without any special procedures. The next time you start Soukoban the game will continue where you left off. It's as simple as that, yet tough to master!

Enjoy Soukoban, have some creative fun and workout your brain daily!