Soul Of Hero | Xbox One

Soul Of Hero
Xbox One

Soul of Hero Platform RPG

Soul is "Your All"

Hero is "Your Soul"

Eliminate the evil forces attacking your homeland.

Fight your enemies, get stronger as you fight, and improve as you get stronger.

Attack = Hold attack button ("Space" button for Windows ).

Walk = Hold right or left arrow.

Jump = Hold jump button ("W"  or  "Up Arrow" button for Windows).

Skills = Touch skill button. ("Right Mouse Click" for Windows)(When usable on upgrade.)

Elemental Shield and Weapon = Touch elemental button on weapon or shield. ("Right Mouse Click" for Windows) (It can be used when it has stones. )

-4 Chapters and 40 Stages.

-3 Different Character Classes ("Warrior" , "Mage" , "Archer")

-9 "Soul Levels" and 9 Different Armor and Weapon Sets. 

-Infinite Level Difficulty.

-21 Different Skills. Upgradeable Stats and Skills.

**Touchable Buttons on screen is already working.