Souly 64 - Prototype | Xbox One

Souly 64 - Prototype
Xbox One

Souly 64 is a Prototype for a 3D Platformer game inspired by games like Super Mario 64 and Super Mary Odyssey.

Booth games heavily rely on movement. So does this prototype.

The small level is set up to test the current movement abilities. You can freely jump around and collect some coins. If you've figured the mechanics out, you can try and collect all coins as fast as you can!

Move: W / A / S / D | Left Stick
Jump: SPACE | B
Crouch: Left SHIFT | RT

Longjump: Crouch + Move + Jump
Highjump: Crouch + Jump
Walljump: Slide at a Wall + Jump
Air Dash: Crouch + Jump in Midair

This is a very early prototype. Every single feedback is appreciated!