Xbox One

  • BigD is fun, a very positive and down to earth demon.
  • Dombie is constantly complaining. I don't like Dombie...
  • SUXXXUBUS is fun, a bit too obsessed with butts though.
  • glutton somewhat ruined everything, but it made the game so much better!
  • DinoD is cool! Doesn't mind having no arms and just makes the best of it.
  • Satan... I don't know what to say about Satan
  • Out-sprint demons!
  • Sneak past demons to go unnoticed!
  • Hide to avoid those that want to do you harm!
  • Explore and use night-vision to find batteries, upgrades and demon masks!
  • Unique enemies with so much character development that they might be mistaken for real creatures!
  • Wonderful story that will keep you guessing what's going on throughout the whole game!
  • Read over 100 fun and exciting smartphone messages!
  • Cute and horror merge in this game, to give you a bizarre experience like no other.
  • Replay the game with a demon mask or challenge yourself with the new game + function for an extra challenge.