Space Sub Alpha | Xbox One

Space Sub Alpha
Xbox One

A very simple little top down shooter that is in its very; low prototype stage.
Shoot lasers or torpedoes at your enemies,gain score and die, in this basic little exploration into the top down shooter genre, along with some nice synth chords.


Things you can do:

  • Shoot enemies with lasers
  • Shoot enemies with a big torpedo
  • Run from enemies trying to ram into you to add more space into your spacecraft
  • Run from them in a different direction by turning, sadly they can do this too, so there is no escape from death.
  • Look at your high-scores and show them to friend to show them how good you are at a basic little space game you found on the internet.

Note that they player controls as a ship would, having speed levels:
Back -> Stop -> Half -> Full -> Flank

W/S - Increases/Decreases to next/previous speed level
A /D - Turns left/right with a turning radius
Left Click - Fires laser
Right Click - Fires torpedo

Fact sheet:
Developer/Designer/Etc.: BirbRoss
Platform: Windows
Price: Free

Release status: Not Likely